Monday, September 8, 2008

Copy cat!

Okay. I am a big fat copycat. My best friend Lisa just changed her blog background and I LOVE IT!! So, of course I had to check out The Cutest Blog on the Block, the website she got her "new look" from. What a great site! There are a ton of free background downloads. So many that I don't have time to really look at them all right now. So for now this look will have to do....

Can I tell you how much I love no humidity? The weather here in Santa Fe is beautiful! The temperature is in the mid 70's to 80's during the day and upper 50's to 60's at night. Perfect weather! Today we took it easy and stayed home. My Aunt and Uncle headed home to Houston so things are little bit quiet tonight. Jackson seems to be dealing with some major teething issues-as evidenced by the endless stream of drool and restlessness last night. Poor thing. It has to hurt.

That boy is like a sponge these days. He has changed so much in the few short days we have been here. He can now go up stairs on his own (holding on to someone's hand though still), pull himself up, walk anywhere and everywhere, and throw like a champ. He has really started to talk also and has begun to say "words" like outside, cat, doggie, meow, grampy, this, and that, in addition to his all time favorite of daddy. He has started using some signs also; more, help, daddy, eat, and milk. It is amazing how fast he is changing.

I will try to post some pictures tomorrow. For now I am off to bed in anticipation of another long night. Hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised....


AuntieKat said...

What? Jackson says more than Daddy? When did this all happen?!?! Yikes. I am sure cat is in reference to AuntieKat!! I made SUCH an impression!! hee hee. And WHEN WILL HE SAY MOMMIE? Sniff. Surely it is because the "m" is so difficult. He's a smart little fella!
Hope you're having a great time, and can't wait for pictures!