Saturday, September 6, 2008

We made it!

Well made it here in one piece. Let's just say that it wasn't the best trip possible, but certainly not the worst either! Thank goodness. Our flights went great, no delays at all. The weather was beautiful in Dallas for our connection too. Jackson was a little trooper. The hardest thing for him was not being able to get down and walk around while we were on the plane. The flight to Dallas was the longest-almost 3 hours. And the plane was beyond small. We would have walked up and down the aisle with him if there had been any room. Unfortunately the plane was full so we didn't have an extra seat for his car seat. He did finally fall asleep on my chest for about an hour, until the extremely loud flight attendant decided to blast the connecting flight information over the speaker for the whole state of Texas to hear. He was up for good then. We had an extra seat on the flight from Dallas to Albuquerque so we took Jackson's car seat on. He sat quietly and peacefully in it for about thirty minutes. Then he wanted out. Poor guy was beyond tired at this point. But he did pretty good sitting in our laps for the rest of the flight. Then he was revived when he saw Grammy and Grampy at the airport. He fell asleep for about 30 minutes on the drive back to Santa Fe. Which was a good thing because at this point it was really almost 9 by his east coast body clock. I think he is about adjusted to the time difference now. And thankfully he went down very easily for his afternoon nap today. Let's hope that continues...

We went into town yesterday to do some sightseeing. There is a big festival here this weekend called Fiestas Weekend. Do it was pretty crowded downtown. There are lots of locals selling the things they make-mostly silver and turquoise jewelry, pottery, and fabrics. We walked around the plaza for a little bit before heading back home. Today we hit the outlet mall. I know-shocking! Joe heads out to Seattle tomorrow afternoon and my aunt and uncle leave Monday evening. Tomorrow morning we will head to Grammy and Grampy's Church so Jackson can meet all their friends. He has quite the reputation in town already.

I will hopefully get some pictures taken and posted soon. We just haven't had a chance yet.

I also wanted to ask for prayers for the families and loved ones of the four Coast Guard men that lost their lives on Thursday evening when their helicopter crashed in Hawaii. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and their loved ones in this difficult time.


AuntieKat said...

Hi! Glad you made it safe and sound. I know you were sweating it out, wondering how Jackson would do on the trip. Tell him his Auntie Kat is very proud of him. Flying can be tough, and anyone can be fidgity! What a good boy! Hope you have loads of fun, and Joe has a safe flight off to Seattle. So sorry to hear about the helicopter crash. My heart goes out to all of them. It really hits close to home. Did you know any of them? Have a nice church day tomorrow. Love to you all. xo