Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And it is only Tuesday!

What a week it has been already. And what a slacker I have been blogging. Sorry! The only thing that has been going on is runny noses and croupy coughing. On Friday Jackson came down with what we thought was either teething or a cold. His nose started the faucet thing again. Which normally happens when he is teething. That innocent runny nose quickly turned into a barking seal that night. He continued to get worse all day Saturday and Sunday. His cough got a little better Sunday night, but he was still a mess. So we took him to the dr on Monday morning. And she confirmed that he had an upper respiratory infection and the croup. But his ears looked good and weren't infected, thank goodness. And to top it all off, one of his molars is trying to break through. In addition to two top teeth. So the little guy has it bad. Upper respiratory infection, croup, and teething! He's cough is better-not so much a barking seal, but more of a phlegmy hack. Sounds lovely doesn't it? It has been 5 days so far so hopefully the end of the sickness is in sight! And to top it all off-Joe is out of town this week. How do single parents do it? I am beat. I was in bed asleep at 8:30 last night. How pathetic....what time will I make it to tonight?


AuntieKat said...

Sorry to hear the little fella is under the weather. That is no good. He must've gotten the croupe gene (is there such a thing, ha ha) from Daddy. I remember Joey having that several times when he was a baby. It was not pretty. I hope he's feeling better soon! After all, Halloween is just around the corner!! :-)