Friday, November 7, 2008

My little furniture mover

Is it November 7th already? Where did the past 10 months go? Seriously? It feels like we were just driving up to Cape Cod for Auntie Kat's wedding last Thanksgiving. And just celebrating Jackson's first Christmas and opening presents on Christmas morning. I have already seen a ton of Christmas commercials on tv. What is going on? They start earlier and earlier every year. We didn't even make it through Halloween this year before Lowe's had their Christmas trees and decorations up. Oh well....I digress.

I have a little furniture mover on my hands. Jackson and I were over at Joanne's house the other day and Jackson was playing with Ali and Alec. Correction: Jackson was watching Ali push her Leap Frog Table all over the room. Little did I know, he was watching intently and learning! Monkey see, Monkey do! Jackson is now pushing his table all over the room. Last night he just kept going back and forth and back and forth. I had just vacuumed so you can see his new little table tracks in the carpet. He is so proud of himself. I guess there are worse things he could have learned from his friends. This is only the beginning I know. That is the thing about him being the youngest one of his friends and playgroup. He learns from the "big kids" and tries to keep up with them. Maybe that is why he walked so early. Who knows! All I know is if he starts climbing on the tables, someone is in big trouble! Here are some pics of the little mover in motion!

Here we go!

Push, Push, Push!

See my tracks!

So Fun!

My mischievous look!


Kimberly said...

I love the mischievous look! You better watch out, Jen!