Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Still here...

Yep, we are here. Not much new to blog about I guess. Mere-Mere is visiting this week so Jackson has a great playmate. He is having so much fun with her. She brought him a cute new backpack with a stuffed animal. He LOVES it! He will bring it to you so you can put it on his back. Poor kid is still fighting a cold and teething. He is still coughing alot also. Some day we all will be well again. This week he discovered "tails" on all his stuffed animals. So funny to see him dragging his "da-dawg" and "tat" around by the tails. Here are a few pictures of his new backpack and his new buddies.

I am too busy to sit and watch "t.t."

Ready for School!

Ahhh, Love the "dawg" tail!


More love for my animals!


Kimberly said...

Adorable! Let's just hope he doesn't find the real cat's tail and treat it the same way! Yikes! That wouldn't last too long, I don't think! Oh, and don't go shipping him off to school too soon!

AuntieKat said...

Aww. That is very cute, and I love the backpack. I agree w/Kimberly though! I hope Jack doesn't pull Milo and Tanga's tails! They will not be pleased! Hope you are all having fun with Mere-Mere...but you are not being subjected to her scary singing! LOL see you all soon!

Jen said...

Oh-the singing is non-stop! Now it is Christmas music too! She is a hoot!