Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School!

Today was Jackson's first day of school! He is going one day a week on Tuesday, from 9-11:30. It is the perfect amount of time for Jackson, and the perfect amount of time for me to get some stuff done. It is kind of sad that he is already starting school. I was sad to leave him there. But got over that quickly as I sat, getting my haircut, in peace and quiet! Then I headed to the gym for a really long workout. His teachers are able to accomplish a lot in those 2 1/2 hours! There are 8 kids total in his class. They color, sing songs, work on their numbers and shapes, have snack, and play a lot! He did cry when I left, but was fine by the time I got to the hall. All of the kiddos were ready to go by the time we got there to pick them up. I know Jackson will get adjusted soon enough and not want to leave!

Not really wanting to pose for his "First Day of School" picture.
He did cheer up a bit when he saw the school bus drive by!

More interested in ringing the doorbell

On Sunday afternoon, we headed over to The Bell's house for a Labor Day Cookout. The weather was nice, windy and cooler. There were lots of families and tons of kids! The food was great (as usual!) and the company was awesome too. Here are some pictures from the day. Hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend.

Bubble machine!

Love that Ladderball!

What's that you say Jack-Jack? YOU want to climb the climbing wall?

I am sure you know where he spent the majority of his time!

Walking back to get some food

Phew! I am beat from all that climbing! (or maybe it was the cake!)


AuntieKat said...

So cute on the first day of school! Brings a tear to your eye!
Be happy he cried, because soon enough he will have so many friends, he won't even notice you! Sniff Sniff!
He sure loves his mommie and Daddy tho! :-)

Grammy said...

It was probably much harder on the Mommy than on Jackson when he went to school. It really will not be long before he is more interested in school than staying with Mommy. He looks so grown-up in his pictures!