Monday, September 7, 2009

Move Over Cap'n Crunch!

There is a new pirate in town! On Saturday afternoon, we went to Asher's (one of Jackson's friends from Church) Pirate Party to celebrate his second birthday. All the kiddos had a blast jumping in the bounce house and collecting their Pirate's Booty on the treasure hunt. They all got pirate hats and bags to put their loot in. Such an adorable idea. The kids looked so cute in their black pirate hats. I am sure you all know where Jackson spent the majority of his time...jump jumping away! He wasn't so sure about it when the bigger kids got in also, but when he was in there with just a few of his friends, he went jumping crazy! He didn't want to get out. Oh, he did get out to have a bite of cupcake. But quickly determined that the bounce house was way better than the cupcake. Are we sure he is my child? He didn't finish his cupcake????? Horrors! Probably a good thing he doesn't have my sweet tooth. I think he would have finished the cupcake if the bounce house hadn't been calling his name. Once we got in the car he said, "Cake? Cake?" I didn't have the heart to tell him that his Daddy finished it off. Less than one month until Jackson will be the birthday boy! Hard to believe!!

Off to search for treasures!

Jump, Jump, Jump!

I see you!

Land Ho!

Do I look silly?

Sweet Pirate Boy!


AuntieKat said...

What a cute idea to have a pirate party! Looks like lots of fun was had by all.. and I CANNOT believe Jack did not finish the cupcake either! You may not think he is your son, but now I think he may have landed from space, because we ALL have sweet-tooths! That is probably a good thing, and I am sure he was preoccupied, like you said.
Oh, and when did Michelle and Chuck roll into town? Tell them I said hi!