Thursday, September 17, 2009

Flew the Coop!

Jackson and I have flown the coop and headed to Grammy and Grampy's house for a week. Not sure how much time I will have to post. We are doing lots of park hopping, shopping, and "sight-seeing". We are planning to head to the children's museum tomorrow. Hopefully we will get some good pictures and I will have something to post about. Until then...have a great week!


AuntieKat said...

AuntieKat has been jonesin' for some blog updates, and now you tell me you two are jet-setting across the country!? You lucky ducks! Have fun and I eagerly await your return - can't wait to hear all about the fun you've had. Say hi to Grammy & Grampy!

Lisa said...

Enjoy yourself and let them do all the work. ;-) Just kidding Grammy & Grampy!