Monday, September 28, 2009

Let the Unpacking Begin!

Home again! After 2 weeks away. It feels like we have been gone for months! We had a great time while we were gone, but are glad to be back home and into our normal routine again. Jackson and I were supposed to come back home last Tuesday, but our plans changed a bit and our trip got extended. My grandmother passed away last Friday, September 18th. She was 85 years old. When my granddad died three years ago, my grandmother's mind really started to deteriorate as dementia took over. She was still as happy as could be though. In the last year or two she didn't really know who any of us were. We are so thankful for her and the many years we were blessed with. We had a small graveside service this past Saturday in Altus, Oklahoma, the town she and my granddad grew up in. It was a perfect day and a beautiful way to remember her. She was a very giving person with a servants heart. She would do anything for her kids and grand kids. We are all truely blessed to have her for our mother/grandmother. And we know that she is in Heaven now with my Granddad, as happy as can be!

When we got the news that my grandmother had passed away, our travel plans changed a bit. Jackson and I were originally supposed to fly home Tuesday. But since the service was the following Saturday in Oklahoma, it didn't make much sense to fly all the way home to the East Coast and then turn around two days later and fly back to Oklahoma! So we decided to stay with my parents a little longer and drive down to Oklahoma with them. Joe flew to Oklahoma on Thursday night to be with us also. Jackson did great on the drive to Altus. In fact, he is a totally changed child when it comes to traveling. He did awesome on the plane on the way there, great on the drive to OK, and even better on the way home yesterday. I was so proud of him. One thing hasn't changed though. He is still NOT a good napper when travelling. He finally fell asleep yesterday as we landed in Norfolk at 5:30...PM!!! Thank goodness we were on the last row so he got a nice little snooze while we waited for every one else to get off the plane.

Despite the circumstance for our "reunion" we had a wonderful weekend with all my family. My brother and his wife Paige flew in, my cousins and their wives, my Aunt and Uncle (from Kyev, Russia!!), and my other Uncle, cousin, and her husband too. We spent lots of time sitting around reminscing about the years and just laughing alot. I always love when my family gets together. We DO always have lots of laughs!! It was sad for us all to leave yesterday and head back to our respective homes. We are so spread out now. But no matter what, we are always family.

So what are we up to today? Well, we jumped right back into our normal routine. We headed to the gym this morning (after Jackson slept until 6:30!!!! I am not holding my breath. I know the past few weeks have just caught up with him. But I can hope....) Then we ran a few errands on the way home, made our daily call to Grampy and Grammy, and then played. Jackson has been sleeping now for three hours! Which has given me lots of time to get started on laundry, cleaning, de-vacationing our house (i.e. sorting through mountains of mail), making grocery lists, and clearing out my inbox. Now that I have had my mini-lunch break (and blogging time) I better get back to work. So far, two bathrooms are clean, the sheets and towels are changed, the floors have been swept and scrubbed, and two loads of laundry are mostly completed. Off to clean the last bathroom, clean the kitchen, and finish that laundry! Oh and have some caffeine so I can make it to Wal-Mart tonight after dinner. Fun times! I is a glamorous life I lead!

Oh, and now for some bad news. I forgot to take our camera on our trip. So until I get some pictures from Grammy and Grampy (Ahem!), you will just have to settle for a few from my phone! Enjoy!

At the park in Grammy and Grampy's neighborhood.
It was a great park and Jackson had a blast!!

At the Children's Museum. Another fun day!

More park time! This time an aweome park in Altus, Ok.
Jackson was LOVING the "chair swing"! Love the cheesy grin!

He is in there, I promise!


AuntieKat said...

What a lovely tribute you wrote to your Grandmother, it brought tears to my eyes. Again, I am so very sorry for your loss - but you are right, she is up in Heaven now, happy with your Granddad, with her memories fully restored! :-) - I am glad that despite the circumstances, your extended family was all able to get together and enjoy a few days.
Talk to you soon.. love you!