Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Jumpin' Good Time!

I wrote this post last week, but we have had internet and computer problems everyday since then. So I am finally getting around to posting it! Time Warner is definitely on my dirty dog list right now....

Yesterday Jackson and I headed up to Chesapeake for some jumpin' fun! We met Joanne, Ashley, Ali, Alec, and Aiden at Kangaroo Jac's. It is a building full of bounce houses!! What more could a little kid want?!! Jackson took a little bit to warm up to the idea of bouncing, but once he started he didn't want to stop. It was the perfect indoor activity for a HOT day. Now I just need to find a bounce house place like that near our new house. Especially since Jackson keeps talking about going back to the "bounce house place". Yesterday we were talking to my parents on Skype and they asked Jackson what he did that morning. He answered (quite emphatically!) "I went to the bounce house place and. to. TARGET!!!!!!" That is my boy! I think he was just as excited about Target as he was jumping. Ahh, I am so proud!!!

Jackson and Ali racing down the slide!

Having a blast!

Deep in conversation with his "friends"

Fun times!


Now back to jumping!

He was so proud of himself when he finally conquered the sea monster!

There he he comes!

Jumping insanity!

I still can't believe he climbed up this steep thing, all by himself!


Mama Lisa said...

Kyle asks to go to Target almost daily. Glad to see someone else sees the joy in it as much as he does!